Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen starts Blog about cosmetic surgery issues

Dr Mitchell G Cohen, Cosmetic Surgery, California
Dr Mitchell G Cohen, Cosmetic Surgery, California

Experienced surgeon’s blog will address diverse issues in Cosmetic surgery, such as how to promote better healing after surgery, and considerations before getting cosmetic surgery.

We all want to look our best. Sometimes, we feel that what nature has given us is just not enough. That is where cosmetic surgery can help improve a person’s appearance, self-esteem and self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery encompasses a broad range of facial and body treatments, including cheek lift, chin surgery, wrinkle treatments, liposuction, and tummy tucks.

Doctor Mitchell G. Cohen, a surgeon based in California, started a Blog to provide easy-to-understand information about the cosmetic surgery issues so that the public and patients can easily understand the underlying medical issues and procedures. The Blog is available at

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on Cosmetic surgery. Many people try to enhance their appearance or correct what they perceive to be deformed. Common procedures include breast augmentation, and liposuction and tummy Tucks. There are, however, certain risks associated with such procedures. Thus, researching the specific surgery that you have in mind for yourself is a good idea. Also, make sure to be in good hands, meaning a qualified surgeon with experience in this particular procedure.

Explains Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen: “In our office, we are very safe and all procedures are done with local anesthesia, no general anesthesia. This makes the entire procedure not only much safer but much more affordable when comparing to traditional plastic surgery where almost all surgeries are done under general anesthesia.”

Some commonly occurring issues in any surgery, including cosmetic surgery, include:

Dissatisfaction with the result – surgery is not an exact science and the results may differ depending on many different factors such as age, gender, body type, body weight, and skin condition.

Nerve Damage – a common issue in all cosmetic surgeries. The negative effects include numbness and tingling.

Infection – is a uncommon issue in all cosmetic surgeries that use local anesthesia. The main reason being that the lidocaine that is used to numb the fat also kills bacteria therefore a much lower incidence of infection has been reported. While utmost care is taken to avoid infection, it occurs in a less than one percent of cosmetic surgeries done with tumescent or local anesthesia and may require additional medication, for example with antibiotics.

Scars – cosmetic surgeons are trained to keep the scars to a minimum, but they are usually unavoidable. In some cases, patients suffer hypertrophic scarring, meaning that the scar is unusually red and raised. We counsel our patients in using a silicone based scar cream to lessen any effects of scarring.

Hematoma – which is essentially a pocket of blood resembling a painful bruise. A hematoma occurs in a few percent of breast augmentation surgeries, and also with full tummy tuck procedures.  Hematoma a general risk in cosmetic surgery, and it may sometimes require additional surgery.

Organ Damage – some surgeries may adversely affect internal organs, such as liposuction. The surgical probe used for liposuction may accidentally cause punctures, which may require additional surgery. Again, this is much more common in patients who undergo liposuction with general anesthesia. With local anesthesia, the patient will feel some pain before and punctures can occur and therefore this makes the procedure much safer using tumescent or local anesthesia.

Seroma – a condition when blood pools directly under the skin, with swelling and pain. These can become infected and may have to be drained. These usually occur with full tummy tucks and are very rare with mini tummy tucks.

Blood Loss – occurs minimally in our cosmetic surgeries, but is usually limited. The tumescent anesthesia we use also has epinephrine in it which constricts the vessels and leads to no more than a teaspoon or 2 of true blood loss.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – is a rare complication. Essentially, it means that a blood clots forms in a deep vein (often the leg), breaks off, and travels to other parts of the body (such as the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism).

Dr. Cohen notes that “even though medical personnel try to explain the procedures and the risks, patients search on the internet for information. They usually find hearsay opinions, reports from other patients, but rarely explanations from medical doctors. One should not act based solely on information found on the internet, but instead review the issues with a qualified medical doctor, preferably with the benefit of the patient’s medical history. Also, when patients research online and do find relevant medical articles, they find highly complex answers that are very difficult to understand for a layperson, or even contradictory. I hope to fill that information gap with my explanatory articles that anybody can understand.”

Dr. Cohen’s blog is available at

About Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen

Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen is a surgeon in California who focuses on cosmetic surgery. He has over 23 years of experience as a Board-Certified Spine Surgeon, and now focuses on Cosmetic Surgery as well as Laser Liposculpture.


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Published by Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen

Dr. Mitchell G. Cohen is a surgeon in California who focuses on Cosmetic surgery. He has over 23 years of experience as a Board-Certified Spine Surgeon, and now focuses on Cosmetic Surgery as well as Laser Liposculpture.

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